PS3 Theme Creator

PS3 Theme Creator 2.0

Creates and applies visual themes for PlayStation 3
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View, create, generate PS3 themes in real-time by connecting the gaming console to a personal computer and accessing template files available for customization. The program supports point-and-click editing of icons, wallpapers, colors and other elements.

I could not create themes for my ps3 because the program is complicated. Sincerely, there are many folders and weird stuff that is not used, and then I found PS3 Theme Creator - its a free, easy and excellent program.

The program does not need to unpack or anything like that simply select where you want to install and adds an icon on the desktop.

The program has been created by ARK had an earlier version but it was quite simple, this is the version 1.6 and among its changes it features:
1. Fixes problem with p3tcompiler and p3textractor.
2. There is no need for images to be in 1 directory.
3. Loads P3t files directly into the application.
4. Organizes directory structure so the user knows where the content is.
5. Adds 'Favorite Subjects' to facilitate access to favorite themes for quick editing.
6. Supports up to 16 backgrounds.
7. The controls to correct the image size and format.
8. Item color is now show in the main view selected.
9. Adds feature to remove background by right-clicking on an image of substance.

To use the program the firmware version 2.0 or higher is required to be installed in the Playstation 3, for Windows Xp or Vista it is required to have Microsoft. NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher installed.

Oscar Upegui
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